Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

MP targets Sports CS

Cherangany Member of Parliament Wesley Korir has revealed his intention to table a motion of impeachment against sports Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario following Team Kenya’s poor treatment at the 2016 Rio Olympics.
“I am bringing a motion of impeachment against CS Wario in Parliament. I have already talked to MPs, we need to make it and change the ministry,” said Korir.
“The CS has to go. He was there and he did nothing even when we were being taken to the shanties. I called him but he didn’t pick up my phone (call).
“I have talked to him since, even while we were there I told him and the Deputy President (William Ruto) that things are not right here, that they are not being told the truth by one person, they don’t want to listen to other people because of this one person,” he alleged.
“I was hoping he was going to say (when he called a press conference last week) that ‘because of mismanagement under my leadership I am stepping down as the minister’,” he observed.
“For him to blame other people for failures on his docket is uncalled for. What has he done when athletes are mistreated? I texted him when we were being sent to the slums. What was done? Nothing! My recommendation is that we get a person who knows what needs to be done.”
Korir said he has also prepared a report which has recommendations on how to conduct national trials and on how to pick the team because the disaster starts when you pick the team wrongly.
“We need to take out the idea of wild cards. My suggestion is that only the top three to cross the line should make it to the Olympics,” he observed. Otherwise you take people there who are not ready.”
Korir alleged that some of the runners in the 200m, 5,000m and 10,000m carried injuries to Rio and thus were not ready to run.
“They would tell me ‘Mheshimiwa I am here but am not ready to run’. So you are taking people as if you are forcing them instead of really making them feel like they want to be there,” he claimed.
“These are the changes that we need to do and have a very strong Athletics Commission. The idea of decisions being made without the voice of the athletes is the reason why we are failing. Athletes were told they are in Rio to be seen and not to be heard. The idea of being there to be seen on TV winning medals and not to be heard when you have problems needs to go away.”
But despite his quest to see Wario vacate Kencom House, Korir was in agreement with the CS’s decision to disband Nock.
“I think it’s the right direction towards the right place, but we are only going for the little fish leaving the big fish,” he said.