Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Corridors of power

Word has it that Goldenberg scam architect Kamlesh Pattni (pictured) is being groomed by a section of ODM leaders in Nairobi’s Embakasi East to vie for MP. Those in the know say the ODM leaders fear the Orange Party may lose the seat since youthful aspirant Francis Mureithi, who is rumoured to have been part of the NYS scam, is spending a lot of money. It’s said that only Pattni can match Mureithi and that’s why Kamlesh is being persuaded to join the Orange Party and also fund his own campaign.
Does the opposition have a hand in the ongoing strikes in the country? An outspoken Jubilee MP from Mt Kenya strongly believes the opposition is behind the doctors and lecturers’ strike to gain political mileage ahead of the August 8 polls so that Kenyans perceive the Jubilee administration as a failed government. The MP was heard questioning why the unions have declared strikes barely seven months to the general election. He maintains that it’s just the opposition’s underground plot because it has been riding on any issue to gain an edge. Whether his speculation is true or not, only the union officials of striking workers know.
A new senior policer officer in Eastlands is making other officers work in fear. The officers, who spoke to Corridors, said the new man is harsh to them and capitalises on any available opportunity to demonstrate his authority. The new officer has blocked a shortcut at Caltex between the Buru Buru police station and Umoja, making it hard for police officers to respond to distress calls on time. They have to use Mutindwa, a 20-minute delay, to reach destinations in Umoja. The officer is also said to be close to potential clients (read criminals), whom he is seen moving around with within his jurisdiction, drinking recklessly. The man always scolds his juniors on radio call, portraying them as incompetents to other seniors. In the few months he has been at the station, he has also engineered the transfer of many hardworking officers, including an OCS known to have been instrumental in reducing crime in Eastlands.
Why are police in Machakos not taking action against the people who attacked an elderly man at his home in Mutituni? Mutituni MCA Joseph Kalunde is claimed to have incited his father-in-law Mwenga Mavuo’s tenants and hired goons to evict him from his home. The AP officers who rescued him only chased his tormentors away. Mavuo has run away from home after the night attack and cannot return, fearing for his life, and is seeking refuge with relatives in Nairobi. The desperate man got a letter from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations referring the matter to the Machakos DCIO to investigate and take action – but police have yet to intervene.