Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Chief slain on DP visit, chopper liftoff delayed, Ruto says shoot to kill

A chief standing 50 to 60 metres from DP William Ruto was killed by suspected Pokot bandits on Friday, disrupting his visit and delaying his chopper take-off.
Earlier Ruto issued shoot-to-kill orders against bandits and other attackers. He told residents they must surrender illegal guns and said maximum force would be used.
Chief Thomas Rutto died during a midday shootout between bandits and security officials. He was among officials providing security for the DP.
Deputy county commissioner Mohamed She Mohamed blamed the violence on a failure in communications, saying they were not alerted to an impending bandit attack.
Ruto had flown to the dangerous, bandit-plagued county, despite resentment from residents who said the government has failed to protect them.
Many say they will not vote for Jubilee unless violence ends swiftly.
About 2,000 residents snubbed Ruto. They said it was more important to bury a murdered teacher and stage demonstrations.
They said the state has done nothing to end the violence ravaging the county, especially Yatya, Chemoi, Cheptesin and Kagir nand Natan.
Residents demanded President Uhuru Kenyatta himself visit them and not send his junior. They said if violence doesn’t end, they will march on State House next week.
Ten people have been killed in Baringo in about 10 days. They include two teachers and a breast-feeding mother and her three-day-old infant. Cattle have been stolen and slaughtered, property destroyed.Schools are closed and used as IDP camps.
The situation worsened last week when two politicans — Tiaty MP hopeful Pepe Kitambaa and MCA Kibet Cheretei — were assassinated.
On Friday, demonstrators marched to the office of Governor Benjamin Cheboi but were blocked. They marched to the ofice of county commissioner Peter Okwanyo, who would not see them.
They marched to Kabarnet Museum grounds but no one addressed them.
Protesters carried signs and chanted, “We need fully compensation for victims,” “Arrest [assembly speaker William) Kamket and [Tiaty MP Asman] Kamama for incitement, ‘Quick and urgent disarmament,” “Say no to dictatorial expansion.
The Kenya National Human Rights Commission yesterday said it will soon release a report on violence for which politicians, poverty and drought are blamed.