Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Dida vows to unseat Uhuru as he launches presidential bid on Tunza coalition

Former presidential candidate Abduba Dida has said he will unseat President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August 8 polls.
Dida intends to vie under Tunza coalition, formed by two parties: Alliance of Real Change party and Roots Party of Kenya.
RPK is led by Dida’s running mate Prof George Wajackoyah.
In 2013, Dida garnered 52,848 votes, representing 0.43 per cent of the popular vote.
During his launch on Sunday, Dida said his first task will be to award salaries cognisant to the level of education of civil servants.
“You cannot have a police officer with a PhD earning peanuts while a President with only one degree earns a ridiculous salary,” he said.
In January, Dida said he is the only serious candidate to face off President Uhuru Kenyatta come August.
Dida taught English Literature and Religion at Lenana School and Daadab Secondary School at the refugee camp.
He was appointed chair of the Constituency Development Fund but was fired in 2014 after MPs and some Kenyans opposed his appointment.
He becomes the latest entrant into the presidential race after lawyer Philip Murgor announced his candidature in January.
Nyamira Senator Okongo Mongare is expected to launch his bid in March.