Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Baringo residents welcome KDF, say police operation was futile

“I have lost six of my children to these bandits over a ten year period. And if only the government could have acted early I would be well with my family” he lamented.
Susan Lekateiya, 38, mother of five from Mukutani, said she lost her husband and over 300 livestock to the armed Pokot bandits.
“I am happy, at the same time sure that KDF the way I understand their work will come and do Godsend service to salvage the lives of the remaining people with their property,” said Lekateiya.
“The police were only patrolling along the main roads but they never went deeper into the bushes where the criminals are hiding,” she said.
“Some of us (survivors) ran into churches and locked ourselves inside but those who were not lucky enough to escape faced a rain of bullets,” another resident Josephine Lesupe said.
Mukutani ward representative Renson Parkei condemned the county security chiefs for failing to respond quickly to repulse the bandits when they attacked the area.
Parkei further urged humanitarian agencies, government and well wishers to assist the IDPs at Eldume AIC Church.
“I thank the government for deploying KDF to deal with these ruthless criminals who have caused pain and agony to our people for several years,” Parkei said.