Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Corridors of Power

UhuruUhuru Kenyatta
SOME officers at the Office of the President and State House
consoled themselves that after the Supreme Court declared the election invalid,
null and void, they will make more allowances during the second round of
campaigns. The officers are afraid that they might lose their jobs if President
Uhuru Kenyatta loses his reelection
bid. Our moles say the officers are making hundreds of thousands of shillings
weekly in the campaign for being involved at different levels of campaigning.
THE insistence by NASA presidential
candidate Raila Odinga that NASA
will boycott the fresh election set for next month if the Independent Electoral
and Boundaries Commission does not show the door to some top officials,
including CEO Ezra Chiloba, seems to
be sending a wrong signal to his supporters. A good number of them are of the
opinion that the more Raila and his team insist on that line of thought, the
more his supporters may not turn up to vote on that day.

SOME senior government officials seem to
have another agenda in the bombing of the Boni forest at the Coast. Government
top leadership announced plans to bomb the forest in a bid to flush out al
Shabaab. But insiders claim it might be a scheme for some people to harvest
trees in the forest for commercial purposes. In Somalia, theUN accused KDF of
making illicit money through the lucrative charcoal business. It is
alleged the badly-thought-out-plan has seen both residents and al Shabaab
criminal elements leave the forest ahead of the bombing. Bombing Boni Forest
will be a waste of time and destructive, causing a major blow to tourism and the
environment sector. Only the precious animals and plants will be
WHAT happened to the NASA Nyanza
presidential campaign team? Well, Corridors have learnt that the outfit, whose
main agenda in the last polls was purely to preach six-piece for unpopular
candidates in the region, has died a natural death. Since the campaigns started
for the repeat presidential election, the team, which was all over in funerals
and churches, has not planned a single rally. Some NASA supporters were heard
dismissing the team, led by Gladys Wanga
and Oburu Odinga, as only interested
in using Raila Odinga’s name to
impose unpopular candidates in Baba’s name.
IT seems the state security machine teams tracking NASA
officials are collecting the wrong information against the opposition. On
several occasions, the state has responded wrongly to NASA activities. Are they
being misguided? For instance, the state prepared for mass action only for NASA
leaders to direct their followers to remain calm.