Upgrade to the OPPO A71, the hottest phone in Kenya right now

December is only few months away and if you’re still using the smartphone that you bought two years ago, I’m afraid you’re far behind. Just like fashion, trends in technology are a big part of our lives. You need to be a part of it. Meet the OPPO A71.
Just the other day, I bumped into this quick and stylish smartphone with a super impressive camera. Testing the brand new OPPO A71 phone for myself, I was absolutely mind blown.
The 4G device is the latest offering by OPPO in the market that every Kenyan needs to get a hand on. It doesn’t hang while using many apps at the same time, thanks to the powerful enhanced 64-bit Octa-core CPU and a cool 3GB RAM that enable smooth experience. It’s got 16GB internal memory for your photos, videos and documents. You could also expand that up to 256GB with an SD Card, talking of an SD Card the device comes with 16GB free Memory Card raising the total memory to 32GB, just the way you like it.
#OPPOF3KE Just How You Like It
With a long lasting battery that’s got a capacity of 3,000mAh, you’re guaranteed you a whole day of use without worrying about charging your phone. Yes, that includes using the 4G internet connection which is ultra-fast and gives you that seamless browsing experience on the OPPO A71.
What about the splendid camera? My, oh my. You get to take crystal clear photos and it comes packed with an Ultra HD function. This means that the 50MB high-quality photos can be used to print the outdoor billboards that you see every day.
Yes, the camera is that good!
When it comes to taking selfies, you have a wide range of options to take the very best Instagram photos. There are 8 beauty levels, 8 real-time filters (no need to add filters to pics afterwards), watermark, palm shutter and the now world-famous Bokeh effect which you can blur the background while taking photos, in case a neighbor’s cat is photobombing from the window.
Having being installed with the latest and rich ColorOS 3.1 Android Nougat, the phone also has other features unique to it. No other smartphones in the market is equipped with an inbuilt secure mobile payments system that guards you from hackers who can steal your money or your payment details.
Another memorable moment I had while using the Smartphone was the split-screen. I was practically able to use two apps at the same time using this function!
#OPPOA71KE is here.
I could send a text while watching a video on Youtube! (Bet you can’t do that with your current phone, right?)
For the parents with inquisitive children, this phone also allows you to switch to Kid Space, so that the young ones don’t accidentally delete things on your phone while playing games.
These are just some of the many, many exciting features that you’ll get with the OPPO A71.
If you blink you might miss it. The #OPPOA71KE is everything you ever wanted. You’ll be able to buy it from Safaricom shops countrywide at just KES 19,990/= and you get a free 16GB memory card plus an official OPPO extra-protective phone cover.
You can’t afford to miss this!
#OPPOA71KE Now available at Safaricom Shops