Sat. Mar 23rd, 2019

Auad promotes Onnit products

As consumers of the new millennium, we have realized the value of ‘being healthy’. Call it consciousness or
call it the latest lifestyle trend, the new-age consumer understands the need for physical health and emotional
Our preceding generation grew up believing more in physical fitness, while we are striving hard to achieve
holistic wellness, from the inside out. And people are not leaving any stone unturned. Moving away from
artificially processed, chemical induced food to resorting to naturally grown and more organic products,
consumers today peg more importance to what they eat or drink. But why? One simple thought that drives the
humans of the new age is to attain happiness. Through food, fitness and lifestyle changes, people are seeking
the right balance of the mind, body, and soul. Those who believe, discover this balance and achieve complete
Meet Raphael Auad- sportsperson, entrepreneur, coach, trainer and an influencer. He is a strong believer and
practitioner of a healthy lifestyle with a fitness induced regime. Having played at the regional and national level
of volleyball and tennis, Raphael realized the importance of a fit body and a healthy mind, at a much younger
age. For him, sports is a philosophy of his life; an important social and networking tool that allows him to
maintain a holistic life.
As a fitness and sports influencer, Raphael regards food and diet to be of great importance in one’s life. And
aligning to his belief, he recommends Onnit- a supplemental food that is made from natural and organic
ingredients. Onnit is not just a market leader in plant-based supplements, but an organization with a mission.
A total human optimization (THO) company, Onnit believes that complete wellbeing comes from ‘the basics of
fitness and nutrition to mental and emotional development’. But because one isn’t complete on its own, any
development or deficiency in one of these key elements will affect the other. Hence Onnit. With plant-based
organic supplements, derived from thorough clinical research, Onnit provides you a systematic approach to a
healthier lifestyle. Beyond tangible, edible products, Onnit goes a step beyond and guides you with a nutritional
philosophy. And as a propagator of fitness and wellbeing, Raphael trusts the initiative and assurance that Onnit
provides to all health seekers.
Whatever the goal of your life may be, it is essential to find the right track. With the right technique and
approach, supported by the right resources, you can embark on a journey of finding the right balance of your
physical and emotional self. And, that is when you can truly achieve complete happiness.