Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

‘Dictator’ Raila using riots, violence in Nyanza to stop election – Ruto

Riots and violence targeting the IEBC in Nyanza are tools of a tyrant and dictator, DP William Ruto has said.
Ruto was responding to Opposition leader Raila Odinga who has maintained that there will be no election on October 26.
Raila has refused to participate in the repeat poll arguing that reforms are needed first to prevent fraud.
The Opposition has been holding countrywide protests against the IEBC leading to more than 30 deaths as reported by Amnesty International.
The police have refuted this claims saying four have died.
“The riots against elections causing destruction and loss of life. Violence targeting IEBC are tools of a despot,” Ruto said via Twitter on Saturday.
Ruto accused the Opposition leader of sponsoring violence ahead of the repeat polls.
“So, the democrat, Mr Odinga will sponsor violence using his supporters and family to ensure there is no IEBC and no voting in Nyanza? Surely!” the Deputy President said.
But in a quick rejoinder, the Opposition leader’s son Raila Junior Odinga told Ruto there will be no election with or without their family.
“This energy in Kisumu and western is paralyzing, I can tell you categorically as family even without us. There will be no election. Bank it,” he said.
Kenyans on Twitter joined in the conversation, with some criticising the Deputy President.
“Kenya is bleeding today because of you Mr Ruto. You need not to be explained, you know everything. I pray you realize where we’re going,” Raphael Mbithi‏ said.
Abdullahi Musa‏ said, “Understand their will be no election leave alone Nyanza but also in your home area Sugoi.”
“You’ll no longer use Raila as an excuse to bully Kenyans with sham elections, we’re tired even without Raila. No more stealing election,” Bel Akinyi‏ said.
Kamba Pundit‏ said “So you want to compete with Ekuru Aukot? my fren, why don’t you give way for free and fair election and save the country from sinking?”
“Did you know that u won’t be president in Kenya even if Uhuru passes down the mantle to you? I thought you should Know,” Jeff Scorfield said.
Daughters Of Raila said “Mr Ruto believe when @RailaOdinga says there will be no elections on 26. If u doubt then let’s see even if your wife will go out to cast.”
Other backed Ruto and castigated the Opposition leader.
“We have a problem in Kenya where people don’t want to accept the truth, that Raila doesn’t have 50% + 1 which Uhuru has. Raila has malice,” Kinywa‏ said.
Simon Kinyaa Boro‏ said “Raila will never be the President of Kenya that is true.”
Schools have closed in preparation for the repeat election.
IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati and former commissioner Roselyn Akombe have both said a credible poll cannot be guaranteed.
But international observers have expressed confidence that the electoral agency is capable of conducting a free, fair and credible repeat election.