Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

‘You’ll see fire’: Marwa declares no demos in Coast on voting day

The government will not
allow demonstrations in the Coast as the repeat presidential election
takes place on Thursday, Nelson Marwa has said.
The regional coordinator noted on Wednesday that it is wrong to demonstrate amid an important constitutional

“Tomorrow is voting day.
Don’t loiter in the streets,” he said in an interview with reporters in his office.

Marwa noted youths have gone to Mombasa in large numbers but added: “I hope they have come to relax. If they have come for any other reason, they will see fire.”
The security boss further noted some leaders in the region are fond of sponsoring youths to cause chaos.
He said demonstrators are usually given between Sh500 and Sh1,000 to participate.
“Where does this money come from? Who is financing them? Have you ever asked yourselves these questions?”
The regional coordinator said security apparatus have secured the whole region so there are no concerns.

He said the election will go as planned and that security agents will also handle all other matters in line with their mandate.

“There will be no gaps in security. All parastatals that will be working will be secured,” he said.
noted criminal elements might take advantage of the election thinking
they will be so engrossed in elections that they leave other vital
installations unguarded.

NASA leaders have called a press conference later today on the election that their leader Raila Odinga withdrew from. The press conference will be
addressed by Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

Earlier today, NASA leaders in Mombasa told their supporters to boycott the vote by remaining at home.
Deputy Governor William Kingi said they do not want to take part in a sham event whose winners are already pre-determined.
But Jubilee’s coordinator in the county has urged voters to come out in large numbers despite unfavourable weather.