Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

TSC abolishes demotion as disciplinary measure

Teachers Service Commission chairperson Lydia Nzomo addressing primary heads in Mombasa, December 4,2017
Teachers Service Commission has abolished demotion of teachers as a way of disciplinary measure.
Making the announcement on Monday, chairperson Lydia Nzomo said the commission will henceforth focus on progression.
She spoke at Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Center, Mombasa during 13 annual primary heads meet.
“Nobody will be reduced from headteacher to classroom tutor. There will be no demotion,” she said.
Nzomo said relegation demoralizes heads and lower their self-esteem.
“How will you address others, walk around knowing you have been downgraded and effectively teach?” she posed.
Unlike before when politicians and opinion leaders wielded immense powers in deciding who should be hired or fired, TSC said the role will solely lie with them.
“No one will influence your sacking. Head teachers should just do their job knowing they are protected,” Nzomo said.
Over 10,000 teachers are attending the assembly whose theme is, “Reengineering the Teaching Profession in the 21st Century for Effective Curriculum Implementation”.
Nzomo said in the event a teacher excuses himself from his current post, he will be deemed to have exited the profession.
“In police service, when a corporal becomes OCPD, he will never go back to be a corporal,” the chairman said.
“All these are aimed at professionalizing the teaching fraternity.”
Nzomo said exit will only be encouraged when a teacher is going for a “greener pasture”.
According to Nzomo, delay in the promotion will only be informed by a financial crisis.
Kenya Primary Schools Headteachers Association chairman Shem Ndolo said some heads are yet to get remuneration after CBA came to force.
“They are deputy head teachers and senior teachers whose details were not captured well,” he said.
He said salary increase for P1 teacher ranged from Sh10,000- 25,000 while other cadres is above Sh10,000.
The CBA will be implemented in four faces and P1 teachers jumped five grades.
Nzomo said TSC is committed to implementing the CBA.
 “The agreement has introduced several other posts in the school like senior teacher one and two. What we are saying is that no teacher should start at one job group and retire there,” she said.
“Every teacher should be moving upwards upon fulfilling some guidelines. We want a progressive teaching service.”
The current CBA covers 2017-2021 and Nzomo said implementation started July.
“We have noted what the chairman (Ndolo) has said. Maybe some letters have not been written, we are implementing every bit of the CBA,” she said.
She said “peace” in the sector is courtesy of the CBA. Teachers are fond of engaging in industrial action whenever they feel aggrieved.
Ndolo said Kepsha leadership will push to have grades get “better” pay than now.