Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Concern in Meru as child offenders held in adult prisons

Meru chief magistrate Lucy Ambasi during the human rights commemoration day at Gitoro Conference Centre in North Imenti, December 10, 2017.
Meru chief magistrate Lucy Ambasi has asked the county to build a juvenile remand centre so underage suspects are not held in adult prisons.
She noted the county has the highest number of juvenile cases yet there is no facility to hold child offenders.
“They are held together with adults in prison. If you have extra money, we urge you to build a holding area for children, especially those in defilement cases,” she said on Sunday.
She spoke as they marked International Day for Human Rights at Gitoro Conference Centre.
Ambasi added courts have started new initiatives for capital offenders and children to receive pro bono services.
“All children in conflict with the law and capital offence suspects have a lawyer provided by the government for free,” the magistrate said.
She said the number of judges and magistrates has been increased in Meru to speed up cases.
“One of the things Chief Justice David Maraga is keen on is ensuring all old cases are cleared. Come December 31, 2018, we don’t want to have any cases that are five years and older.
“We have an open-door policy, If you have such cases, come and inquire on why it is taking long,” Ambasi said.