City Hall aims for 30% of revenue from gambling

Nairobi County Executive Member for Finance Allan Igambi (left) and CEC  for Trade and Tourism during a committee meeting   at City hall on Tuesday 31st ,2018

The Nairobi government wants the National Assembly to swiftly pass the Finance Bill. 
The proposed law will enable the county to get 30 per cent of revenue collected from gambling. Finance executive Allan Igambi on Tuesday said the Gaming and Betting Control Act should also be amended to have some roles transferred to the counties.
City Hall has raised concerns that despite licensing and enforcing gambling, gaming and lottery activities, most functions, including revenue collection, are still under the national government. In the 2016-17 financial year, the national government collected Sh3.8 billion.
Should the Finance Bill be approved, and the revenue remains constant, Nairobi will seek at least Sh114 million. Igambi told the county assembly Trade and tourism committee that the capital is always bypassed when it comes to sharing gambling revenue.
“We just want to align the Gaming and Betting Control Act so the county government issues premises licences, while the national government will be in charge of issuing operation licences,” he said.
The Finance Bill is at the public-participation stage. It will then be returned Parliament once public input is considered.