Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Kenya welcomes China’s decision to uphold ban on Tiger, Rhino parts

Kenya has welcomed China’s decision to uphold its 25-year ban on trade in tiger and rhino parts.

Rhinos and tigers are endangered species. China had in 1993 prohibited trade in their trophies.

China cited protests from environmental groups as reason for postponing the easing of the ban. 

“Upholding the ban on trade is a step in the right direction. The ban has been critical in conserving these iconic species,” Mulei Muia of the Tourism ministry said.

In a statement on Wednesday, Muia said Kenya is committed to working with China, other governments and global partners to protect and conserve the country’s biodiversity and wildlife resources.

Over the 25 years of the ban, the range states of the two species have recorded growth of populations of their respective species.

In particular, Kenya has recorded a steady growth of its rhino population, which can be attributed directly to the ban in trade and global co-operation towards recovery of the rhino species.

In late October, China announced it would permit the animal parts to be used for scientific, medical, and cultural purposes. 

Tiger and rhino parts are highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine.