Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Baby born with four legs worries parents


The baby girl born in Buyende district who was born with two false legs has thrown her parents into frustration, as millions of money is needed for surgery to operate and remove them.

Hadija Namaganda, 32, the mother of four, gave birth to the baby who has two normal legs and two false ones, the spectacle which has sent tongues wagging.

To add an insult to injury, her husband denied fathering the child and vanished, saying that such deformed births have never occurred in his clan and, therefore, the child is a taboo.

Since she delivered the baby in Kidera Health Centre III, a fortnight ago, Namaganda, a resident of Kisaikye village, Kidera sub-county in Buyende district, has never smiled.

“In fact, I have sleepless nights, thinking of how to overcome the burden, where to get the cash worth millions for the surgery,” she said, during an interview with the New Vision, on Friday.

With tears visible in her eyes, Namaganda explained that the baby suckles well, inhales and exhales normally; the digestive system is also normal because she passes the stool and urinates, but the only challenge is the legs.

 The additional “legs,” which ruin the baby’s general appearance originate from the left side of the hip, with the third leg, which is the developed having two toes with tiny fingernails.

This foot has the femur (thigh bone), a false foot, but the lower part of it (the knee, the fibla and tibia bones) are missing, while the fourth foot is a protruding muscle.

A small protruding muscle, to the size of a man’s thumb also developed between the third and the fourth deformities.

Sharif Mangaraine, the resident of Kasongoire in Nkondo sub-county, who is championing the soliciting of funds for the surgery says the task is tedious.

“We’re in the initial mobilization, tracing the doctors who can examine, make recommendations and perhaps operate, but all needs cash which isn’t readily available,” Mangaraine, said, adding that sh500,000/- is needed to start off, before the surgery whose cost is yet established.

Namaganda’s home is more of a tourist site, as hundreds of residents from far and near trek to awe at the rare spectacle, shake head in disbelief before offering assistance in form of money.

The LC3 chairman, William Kiiza Wagumaare, has also joined the campaign, rallying politicians, including MPs and local leaders to give a hand.

The District Health Officer for Buyende, Dr. Moses Baganzi said he’s unaware of the birth, but promised to visit the family and give technical advice.

Namaganda is appealing to well-wishers for assistance by calling on 0758202723 (Sharif Mangaraine) for details.