Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

Demons stealing my wealth – Tanzanian singer Rose Muhando

Rose Muhando [Photo: Courtesy]

The life of renowned gospel musician Rose Muhando has been plagued by demon attacks-real and imaginary- drug addiction, allegations of abortion, fraud and chronic health problems besides a career on a downward spiral for the last four years.   

Muhando has also suffered a snake bite and sexual harassment from a bishop.

Just this Tuesday, November 21, the Tanzanian musician was in Nairobi, at the Neno Evangelism Centre, to be precise, where she rolled on the floor as Apostle James Ng’ang’a cast out the said demons.

Muhando, a mother of three,was taken to see Apostle Ng’ang’a by local gospel artiste Stephen Kasolo, her close friend of three years who was concerned by the troubled turns her life had taken.

“I’m the one who took her to the church, she has been in the country for a while and we had been performing in Eastern regions” he said, adding that “when we came back, she told me she wanted to see Ng’ang’a…”

When she entered his office, Apostle Ng’ang’a couldn’t believe what he saw.

Muhando’s hands had been bruised, face disfigured. Ng’ang’a gave her Sh5, 000 and demanded that they head for a church service where the demons which had bloated her life were exorcised.

Muhando, 42, was initially a Muslim but converted to Christianity at nine after recovering from an ailment that had her bedridden for three years.

Rose Muhando [Photo: Courtesy]

The exorcism started after Apostle Ng’ang’a summoned the Nibebe hitmaker to the altar and exclaimed: “Rose nilikuambiaukujekuja hapa, kwaniniwanavunjavunjawewemkono? How? Oh no, it can’t be that. Touch!”  

Muhando, with a bandaged hand began screaming, rolling on the floor.

“Come out! Wachiliamaishakimbianauendekimbia, toa mishipayako, toa… Holy Ghost Fire!!Ra ka ka ka! somebody say fire! Mwambie aendehamahamaachiliayeyeachilia,” pressed Ng’ang’a before stepping to where Muhando was minutes later and forcing her mouth open while beseeching the spirits to come out.

The demons began talking through Rose Muhando and revealed to the shocked congregation that they were sent by one of her close handlers to “disorientate her.”

Rose Muhando [Photo: Courtesy]

The demons narrated:

“We took all her cars and property. We even managed to drive her out of her home for three months now. We are ten of us pitching camp in her body. We also vowed to scuttle her attempts at trying to regain her feet in music. We’ve placed a demonic object in her, which has completely killed her talent. You know, when she sings [for God], she spoils our business.”

“How many are you?” posed Apostle Ng’ang’a.

“Tuko kumi,” and went on, “Tumesema asiimbe tena, tumemvalisha kinyago asiimbe tena. Akiimba atatuharibia.

When she finally stood after being delivered from the demons, Rose Muhando told the church:

“Namshukuru mungunilichokamchungajinilichoka. Miezi sitasikonyumbanikwanguwamenitengezakilakesiwamechukuamagariyangu yote. Mtoto wangu yule alikuaanasomachuokikuuakonyumbani. Nimeshindwa hata school fees ya kupelekawatotowanguchuo… sina atamtuwakwendakumwambiachochote…”  

Rose Muhando [Photo: Courtesy]

After the delivery Apostle Ng’ang’a told the church that she was indeed Rose Muhando.

Indeed, demons, real and imaginary, have for the past four year plagued Muhando.

With her career on a downward spiral, allegations of fraud, drug addiction, abortion and chronic health issues, all which she vehemently denied.

Her tribulations worsened in June last year after the ‘Kiatu Kivue’ hit singer was arrested by Tanzanian authorities on suspicion of fraud.

Rose Muhando’s albums include; Mteule Uwe Macho, Kitimutimu, Jipange Sawasawa and Utamu wa Yesu, but so bad are her tribulations that Muhando has decided to leave Tanzania and relocate to Kenya, a move she says will help her get peace of mind and happiness in her life.

“She has been troubled all her wealth was taken away, even the injuries were inflicted by enemies who want to see her finished,” said Kasolo.