Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

DPP warns public on fake advertised posts for interns

The Director of Public Prosecutions has warned the public over con artists swindling cash from people following recent advertisements for pupillage and internships at the agency.

In a statement on Thursday, senior assistant director of public communication Beatrice Omari said the conmen call applicants using a Telkom line and charge Sh3,500 as fees.

Applicants are told to go to Aga Khan Hospital for a medical test and are given the number of the “doctor” they are to see.

“When you call the ‘doctor’ to book an appointment, the ‘doctor’ asks for money and takes your details. The doctor promises to send a report on the ‘test’ to the DPP. The doctor cautions you not to tell the DPP that you never took the test and the phone is disconnected,” Omari said.

Omari said a medical report is not part of the requirements for consideration for shortlisting advertised posts.

“We, therefore, caution the public against falling prey to the con men. Anyone who may have been conned should report to the ODPP or the DCI. Those found culpable will be prosecuted,” Omari said.

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