Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Sh9bn set aside to be transferred to senior citizens

The government will next month disburse Sh9 billion for the elderly cash transfer beneficiaries.
Each of the 1.3 million beneficiaries will receive Sh8,000 to cover four-month arrears, Social Protection Principal Secretary Nelson Marwa said.
Each recipient gets Sh2,000 per month.
“We have the funds awaiting direct-to-account disbursements to the beneficiaries,” Mr Marwa said in an interview.
The PS said that 170,000 recipients were yet to open bank accounts ahead of this week’s deadline.
“I am requesting all of them to open bank accounts so that they do not miss next month’s disbursements,” he said.
Mr Marwa warned that the government would not pay beneficiaries without accounts.
The cash transfers target orphans and vulnerable children, the elderly, people with severe disabilities and those suffering from hunger.
Mr Marwa said the new system would ensure that only genuine beneficiaries receive the cash.
This is a departure from the past, when the recipients picked up the cash handouts from banks.
However, the new model will see them withdraw the money from their bank accounts using ATM cards or over the counter.