Prophet Owuor Saga Continues

Some of the Sh1.5 billion property that Doomsday Prophet David Owuor is accused of taking over belonged to the late George Saitoti.

Without elaborating, the family of Jayne Muthoni yesterday told DCI officers that some of the property that Owuor and his church have taken was donated to their sister by the powerful Interior minister Saitoti.

Muthoni was a close confidant of Saitoti for many years and at one point was his main lawyer. Saitoti was a multi-billionaire who owned many high-end properties in Nairobi.

The lawyer and bishop in Owuor’s church is reported to have handled many of Saitoti’s business transactions. He died in June 2012 when his chopper crashed in Ngong Forest.

Muthoni has a son and yesterday her family said she had denounced Owuor and asked for her property back.

Yesterday the DCI moved to probe claims that self-proclaimed prophet Owuor illegally seized control of a Sh1.5 billion estate in Nairobi.

The probe came a day after the family of Jayne Muthoni, a fabulously rich woman-turned-pauper, claimed the prophet was irregularly controlling her multi-billion-shilling properties.

The family wants the DCI to investigate and unearth movement of Owuor’s money to establish funds were being wired from Muthoni’s accounts.

Yesterday the Star established that senior bishops of Owuor’s church recorded statements with the DCI.

On Monday the family lodged a formal complaint with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations against the prophet and his Repentance and Holiness Church

After the family reported the case, DCI officers on Monday evening visited Muthoni’s Dove Court Apartments on upscale Rhapta Road and the leafy suburb of Riverside Drive, Westlands.

Yesterday Prophet Owuor’s Repentance and Holiness church fought off claims that Jayne Muthoni was financing Owuor’s splendid ministry.

At least 12 bishops from the ministry convened a press conference in Nairobi and denied the claims as “sheer blackmail of the prophet and the church”.

“What we have witnessed are calculated efforts to blackmail and soil the name of the prophet,” Bishop George Kayla said.

Jane Gathara, a lawyer whom Jayne allegedly appointed to run her legal matters, said that she (Jayne) made a personal decision to appoint a co-director after the administrator director defrauded her of millions.

“The company had run into troubles. KRA wanted to auction the property to recover more than Sh70 million that had not been remitted,” she said.

The bishops fumbled when they were asked to explain why the church failed to inform the family of her condition and why the ministry did not inform the family of Jayne’s decision to appoint a co-director.

“The decision was personal and we did not have any influence over that. The family was aware of her condition because even their mother and grandmother suffered from the same condition [memory lapse]”.

It also emerged that the police are investigating the sale of prime property in Thika, which was reportedly sold by Jayne’s company for Sh800 million

Muthoni’s family wants the DCI to investigate claims that the ‘man of God’ has been irregularly pocketing millions generated from the woman’s estate against her will.

The properties are said to be raking in more than Sh10 million a month in rent alone, a financial war-chest that the family alleges has afforded Owuor an extravagant lifestyle.

Muthoni’s relatives are accusing the prophet and senior bishops in his church of having coerced the woman to appoint Owuor’s follower, Lilly Njage, as a co-director in Shaba Investment Limited, the registered owner of the flats.

They claim that Muthoni was not of sound mind when she authorised Njage to manage her property because she had been placed under the influence of unidentified drugs that could have caused memory loss.

Yesterday, Alyce Macharia, Muthoni’s sister, said they handed over the ownership documents of all the properties their sister owned to the officers for investigations.

“We have handed over the documents. They are going to track where the money has been going to,” Alyce said.

The sister said they had confiscated the documents from Lilly Njage

“We want to know where the money generated from my sister’s properties has been going to because my sister has been living like a pauper. When we entered her house on Monday, there was not even an onion in the kitchen,” Alice said.

The sister said that the family wants the prophet himself investigated, claiming that he lives large because of their sister’s wealth.

“We don’t want to deal with the dogs, but the owner of the dogs because the dogs are the faithful who simply follow what they are told by the owner,” she said.

The family wants the DCI to expose how income from their sister’s properties spread across other parts of the country is being spent and by whom.

She added, “Just outside the Dove Court apartment there is a kiosk that sells sukuma wiki and tomatoes and we are told that our sister has a bill of Sh16,500 for items consumed for only four days. What are they eating? she asked.

Alyce claimed their sister owned luxury and high-end vehicles but they can’t be traced by the family.

It is alleged that the prophet moved into Muthoni’s palatial Riverside Drive home and forcibly turned it into his private office and nerve centre of his church operations.

The home compound contains a swimming pool in which Owuor ‘dipped’ Raila in 2009. It is claimed that the Riverside home was at one point owned by George Saitoti.