Dove Court Apartments: Where Prophet Owuor lived like a king

The self-proclaimed doomsday prophet David Owuor has been at the centre of a vicious tussle with a family over the control and occupancy of a Sh1.5 billion property in Westlands, Nairobi.

The controversial ‘mightiest prophet’ and his Repentance and Holiness Ministry have been accused by the family of Jayne Muthoni of forcefully seizing the multi-storeyed apartments along upscale Rhapta Road in Westlands and the leafy suburb of Riverside Drive.

The family has claimed that the prophet and senior bishops in his church coerced one Jayne Muthoni, to appoint Owuor’s follower, Lilly Njage, as a co-director in Shaba Investment Limited, the registered owner of the flats.

Muthoni’s relatives have also claimed that she not of sound mind when she authorised Njage to manage her multi-million-shilling property which is controlled by the prophet.

Dove Court Apartments are located on the upscale Rhapta Road and leafy suburb of Riverside Drive in Westlands. The court has two blocks (A and B) and a presidential suite. The four-storey two blocks consist of four floors with fully furnished apartments.

Muthoni’s brother Duncan Njagi said the valuation for the apartments is currently Sh2 billion.

On rental income, if both blocks are fully occupied by tenants, around Sh2 to Sh 3 million would be generated. Outside the blocks are around four CCTV cameras located strategically at various points within the court.

Ironically, Muthoni the owner of the apartment lives in a lean furnished house in the compound with transcribed scriptures and dozens of sermons by Owour filling her living room table.

Her house is directly opposite the administrator’s office. The house has a two-seater leather couch sitting on one side of the living room and another one-seater by the side.

Her kitchen only had a fridge with three packets of milk and six-pack can of soda while her closet is filled with long flowing robes popularly won by Owour’s followers. On top of the bed are a couple of hats sat.

In contrast, Muthoni’s Personal Assistant Lilly Njage, who is also the church’s administrator lives in a presidential suite filled with a luxurious and classy house in the same property.

The suite is fitted with acrylic floors with its kitchen tables built with marble stone and cabinet drawers made out of hard polished metal. The fridge is stocked with high-end ice cream containers and expensive bars of chocolates.

Carton boxes were spotted on the floor half packed with kitchen foodstuff such as coffee, sugar, spices which according to Muthoni’s family, Lily was packing to leave with the items.

In the bedroom laid a six by six king size mattress with a Dr Mattress logo. According to a price list on Dr Mattress’ website, a six ft mattress with width 180/183cm and length 190/200cm costs at least Sh110,000.

However, her closet was empty with no clothes on sight. In the living room was a screen which was monitoring all the CCTV cameras located within the court. Muthoni’s family claimed that through the screen, Lily and Prophet Owour would be able to know and control who was visiting their sister.

Duncan Njagi, Jayne Muthoni’s brother said that back in 2013 his sister ran away for three from the apartments because of being mistreated.

“It was as if she was in a cage and she ran away from the apartments for three days. She had explained to me that she was tired and needed some time off,” Njagi said.

However, Njagi said Prophet Owour and some officials of the Repentance and Holiness Church reached out to her and threatened Muthoni that if she did not go back, they would sell all of her property leaving her and her 22-year-old son with nothing.

“My sister was threatened and she had to go back and that was when she went through hell for three months. She was being beaten and they did not allow any family member to see her,” Njagi said.

Muthoni’s family said Jane was locked up in a down floor room in one of the apartments and excommunicated from the church for three months.

“She was beaten up for escaping, starved in this house (pointing at the house). She was even demoted from being a bishop as a measure to teach her lesson. Can you imagine being caged in the apartments you own?” questioned Njagi.

When the Star toured the apartments on Thursday, there were two cameras strategically positioned at the house where the family claimed Prophet Owour locked Muthoni for three months.

According to Rose Thuo, Muthoni’s elder sister, she was being starved because whenever she would manage and meet up with her, Muthoni would always eat greedily and requested if she could carry some take out back to the apartment.

“Is it really fair that the one who owns the property is living like a pauper and the people from the Ministry are living like Kings and queens in her own property?” asked Thuo.

Njagi said that Muthoni was being demoted on and off as bishop.” When Muthoni became part of the church, she was promoted to a bishop but when money wasn’t flowing well, She would be demoted for some period,’ Njagu said.

The family said they were greatly annoyed that someone has caged her with religious theories and they believe that she was given drugs that messed her mental status. However, they said that Muthoni has been improving after they rescued her and sought medical attention.

“We love our sister dearly It is not about the money or property but her health and well being,” Njagi said “We ready to fight if they want a war. We will protect her and her son and what belongs to them,” he added.