Fomer KQ CEO Naikuni lands new South Africa job

Former KQ CEO, Titus Naikuni, has been picked as Tata Chemicals South Africa’s Director, to serve the interests of the global multinational in Durban.

Naikuni told the Star on Sunday he received his appointment letter on Friday that details his duties as director of the Durban-based Tata Chemicals South Africa.

“I am ready to take up my new assignments as directed at the multinational company. We are going to be more focused on improving the products from Kenya and the United States of America, and to improve our products the world over,” said Naikuni as he drove to Church.

He went on; “This is my new challenge and I am up to the task as I became part of the multinational family’s directors.”

Currently, Naikuni serves as technical advisor to Tata Chemicals Magadi Ltd CEO.

Tata Chemicals Limited Company is a manufacturer of soda ash and sodium bicarbonate for diverse industries, such as glass, detergents, silicates, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, animal feed, mining, and chemical processing.

The Company operates through four segments: Inorganic Chemicals, which includes soda ash, salt, sodium bicarbonate, marine chemicals, caustic soda, and cement.

The Company classifies its products under approximately three categories, including living essentials, industry essentials, and farm essentials.

It has a global presence with subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Kenya, and the United States.