ANC plans to kick out Osotsi thwarted by tribunal

The Political Parties Disputes Tribunal has suspended the decision by the Registrar of Political Parties to remove nominated MP Geoffrey Osotsi name from the ANC party list.

Last month, the High Court ruled in favour of ANC which had chosen to replace him as the Secretary General.

ANC had moved to the High Court challenging the decision of the Political Parties and Disputes Tribunal that nullified the appointment of the current Secretary General Barrack Muluka.

Justice Cecilia Githua ruled that the tribunal had no jurisdiction to hear the matter because Osotsi had not exhausted all internal party mechanisms.

The party in March expelled Osotsi over ‘wrongful conduct’ arising from his tenure as ANC secretary general.

“Having exhaustively deliberated over the matters before it, the Disciplinary Committee has decided to expel Godfrey Atsieno Osotsi forthwith from the membership of ANC,” a statement from ANC read.

ANC advised the Registrar of Political Parties to strike his name from the party registers.

Osotsi blamed ‘malicious individuals’ within the party of trying to silence him politically.

He said they were the same people who opposed his election to the House Business Committee.