Graduate police constables to get similar salaries as inspectors – says court

Graduate police constables have won big after the Labour court ruled on Friday that they should be paid the same as inspectors whether the degree was attained before or after joining the service.

Justice Byrum Ongaya faulted the National Police Service, accusing it of acting unreasonably and unfairly in the remuneration of officers.

However, the graduate constables must provide proof they indeed have degrees and they will be vetted by NPS before they are put on the same salary scale as inspectors.

Selective reviews of police officers’ job groups and delayed salary increments  triggered a legal battle between graduate officers in lower cadres and their employer, the National Police Service Commission.

The aggrieved were thousands of officers left out in job group upgrades after submitting university degree certificates to the NPSC. They said the upgrades were done in a discriminatory manner. 

Ordinarily, police constables hired with only O level certificates are in the job group “F”, while those with degrees are in job group “J”.

However, many seek recruitment as constables although they hold degree certificates, and are placed in the job group “F”, while others school while in the course of service with the National Police Service and acquire degree qualifications. 

They are supposed to get a job group upgrade from “F” to “J” together with attendant salaries after the NPSC updates their employment records to reflect the qualifications attained. 

While some officers have been getting the salary increments and upgrades immediately after submitting certificates, thousands have been denied the benefits after this review.